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                Made in USA. Vegan. All Natural. Never animal tested. No parabens.

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                Buck Ridge Soap Company helps men and women ‘buck that funk’ with our one-stop shop for those seeking the best in all-natural bath and body products for health and beauty conscious men and women. We have created a wide range of products using quality ingredients which are all-natural with organic and vegan options.

                Every product is created from fresh and natural ingredients. Our oils and extracts are from certified vendors who collect these ingredients through natural processes and we work to ensure that our products are free from harmful chemicals or preservatives. For those concerned about Palm Oil, Buck Ridge Soap Company always uses sustainable palm oil which is certified via the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil RSPO.

                Our Buck Ridge Men’s Handmade Soaps were developed specifically work men’s skin, using all natural ingredients to provide hydration for healthier and stronger skin. They also smell great and help “buck that funk” that every man picks up after a day of hard work or exercise. Whether you’re looking for deep cleaning or just refreshing and clean feeling skin we’ve got the bar soap for you!

                Our Buck Ridge Women’s Handmade Soaps were developed for women who want to feel pampered and clean with all natural ingredients to keep skin soft and supple. Our handmade soaps have no detergents or harsh chemicals to dry out your skin.

                All our bath and body care products naturally moisturize while cleansing skin or hair while preventing bacteria growth without detergent or harsh chemicals.

                We handmake our products in our Springfield, Arkansas workshop which include bath soaps, beard oil, beard balm, bath fizzes, lip balms, scrubs, bath salts, lotions and more! Some of our beauty care products are even USDA certified organic.

                Our product range smells incredible and helps ‘buck that funk’ picked up during the day from work, exercise or just the pollutants in the air inside and outside your home that can affect your skin. Each fragrance has its own benefits as well from pure peppermint essential oil for a great pick me up to pure lavender essential oil which helps to relax you after a stressful day. Whatever your bath and body need, we’ve got you covered!


                Many commercially made soaps are more detergent than actual soap. They are produced with chemicals, synthetic fragrances or synthetic preservatives that can damage the skin rather than nourish it. Because of this, some soaps you buy at the grocery store will cleanse the skin but at the same time dry it out. In contrast, Buck Ridge soaps cleanse the skin without making it dry.

                Our handmade soaps contain oils, kinds of butter, fruit & flower extracts, gourmet oil and herbal essences that are all-natural with no detergents or synthetic preservatives. And remember, Buck Ridge Soap Company is not only a women centric beauty soap company –it is a Men's Soap Company too.


                The FDA doesn’t allow returns of used bath and body care products but if you're not satisfied with the delivered product, you can contact us for exchange or refund. The support team of Buck Ridge Soap Company will be happy to assist you. If you receive a damaged product, just snap a picture of it and send it to us and we’ll be glad to send you a new undamaged product for free.

                Our store is frequently updated to help you find the perfect item you need. Make sure to call or check online by visiting our website to keep yourself updated. You can also follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

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